Summer Style: Accessories EDT @ the Capitol Skyline
Morgan | Jun 11, 2013 | 9:00AM |

I’m pretty sure that every time someone reaches for that tried-and-true Summer uniform – cut-offs, a tee, and sneakers – there’s a bizarro-version of themselves walking around somewhere in an amazing dress, hair NOT in a half-realized ponytail, and loaded up with gorgeous Summer accessories worthy of all that effort. We can dream, right?

In an attempt to inspire you into making this alternate reality an actual one, we teamed up with photographer Emma McAlary and the infinitely photogenic Capitol Skyline Hotel (BONUS! Our 4th of JULY POOL PARTY THERE Just got announced-grab your tickets!)to present some of our very favorite (and infinitely pulled-together) Summer dream-outfits (courtesy Meeps and Anthom), complete with a slew of gorgeous accessories from Anthom, Erica Weiner, Rachel Pfeffer, SAINT CLAIR, Warby Parker, and Young Frankk. And while we’d never part with old faithful entirely, we gotta say – our sights are set a little higher than JORTS from here on out.

“Jasper” sunglasses, Warby Parker, “Tiger Drusy Pendant,” Rachel Pfeffer, “Halfmoon Charm Brass Necklace,” “Wind Eye Fringe Brass Necklace,” and “Full Moon Brass Cuff,” Young Frankk, Vintage dress, available at Meeps.

“Color Block Italian Leather Clutch,” Giovanna Giuliani, available at Anthom, “Fair Trade Arm Party” bangles available at

“Purple Drusy with Triangles” ring, Rachel Pfeffer. “Madrona” necklace, SAINT CLAIR,

“Madrona” and “Ceres” necklaces, SAINT CLAIR. Vintage top, available at Meeps. “High Waist Tapered Trousers,” Stylestalker, available at Anthom. “Purple Drusy with Triangles” and “Blue Drusy Prong” rings, Rachel Pfeffer.

Left, “Ismay” necklace, SAINT CLAIR. Right, “Bald Eagle Talon Necklace” and “Lucite Hoop Earrings,” Erica Weiner.

“Awning Hand Braided Brass Necklace,” “Dwelling Hand Braided Brass Necklace,” and “Full Moon Brass Cuff,” Young Frankk. “Grecian Pleated Maxi Dress,” available at Anthom.

photography by Emma McAlary
featuring model Shannyn Frances,
and accessories/apparel from
Anthom, Erica Weiner, Meeps, Rachel Pfeffer, SAINT CLAIR, Warby Parker, and Young Frankk.

art direction by Morgan Hungerford West.
styling by Kate Greene and Morgan Hungerford West.
hair by Ryan Hunter Mitchell.
makeup by Ashley May.
photo assistance by Ian Roche.
production assistance by Carmen Mason and Arneisha Copeland.

shot on location at (and special thanks to) the Capitol Skyline Hotel and Pool.