Rise & Shine: The Internet Told Me So…
kemi | Sep 10, 2013 | 8:15AM |
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In this edition of Rise and Shine, shit gets weird.

scott disick disapproves

  • This Australian skincare ad was banned not because the models were naked, but because they weren’t smiling. We like our women to look happy when we sexually exploit them! (Buzzfeed)


  • This is a picture of Anna Wintour without sunglasses on. This a picture of Anna Wintour, without sunglasses on, smiling. This is a picture of Anna Wintour, without sunglasses on, smiling at a child. Harper Beckham goes where few have gone before. (Instagram)


  • Is a 50 beer octobong the best or worst thing ever? There’s nothing quite like bro-innovation. (BroBible)

  • BREAKING NEWS regarding Dennis Rodman (yes, I’m serious)! The former NBA star says he will train the North Korean Olympic basketball team. (Buzzfeed)


  • This Lego set will teach your child important skills they need to know. Like how to recreate the Walter White’s meth lab from Breaking Bad. (Daily Mail)

breaking bad lego

  • If you’re interested, conjoined twin porn is a thing that’s happening. And by conjoined I mean they just fused two porn stars together. (Huffington Post)


  • ATTENTION LADIES: You can now apply online to be banged by porn star James Deen. Don’t all jump at once, you have to be willing to do it on camera. Still considering it? Yeah, me too. (Uproxx)


  • Miley Cyrus’s video for “Wrecking Ball” has premiered. The video was directed by Terry Richardson and is as creepy as anything he’s ever done. (Mashable)