Rise and Shine: The Internet Told Me So …
Logan | Dec 14, 2012 | 8:15AM |

GOoOod morning everyone, let’s get weird this weekend like this GIF

Google Maps for iOS is so much better than Apple’s. Check out this side by side comparison


  • Cops Take Down Major Brooklyn Gang Using Social Media – The cops were able to infiltrate and bust the gang after a year-long investigation using social media; creating “fake” profiles and friending the gang members. Especially young gang members couldn’t help but brag about their “accomplishments” such as mayhem and murder on Twitter and Facebook.
  • UChicago Admissions Receives Mysterious Package Addressed To Indiana Jones – “Yesterday we received a package addressed to ‘Henry Walton Jones, Jr.’… Little did we know what we were looking at. When our student mail worker snapped out of his finals-tired haze and realized who Dr. Jones was, we were sort of in luck: this package wasn’t meant for a random professor…”

Portraits of People Who Look Alike But Arent Related At All mwyJf

<p>girl im just tryna get in ur bikini bottom<br />

Jon Gnarr, Mayor of Reykjavik (2)

  • Have a great weekend everyone, I’m taking my private jet to Tropical Island